Our Drinks

Sea no evil

A measure of madness

  • 50ml METHOD AND MADNESS Single Pot Still Irish whiskey

  • 20ml Seaweed & Parsley Syrup*

  • 10ml Gooseberry juice 50ml

  • Soda


*Seaweed & Parsley Syrup: Blanch 50g each of flat leaf parsley & Seaweed. Transfer to blender with 300g each of sugar and cold water, plus 2.5g ascorbic acid.

Built with cubed ice & flat leaf parsley. Garnish with curly parsley, sliced gooseberries. Serve in a high ball glass.

METHOD AND MADNESS’ locale is surrounded by bountiful wild herbs, plant-life and fruits. Here the idea of a forager’s wonderland is brought to life, taking in fields, shorelines and back gardens. These flavours are then transformed into a light and fresh serve, with savoury and salty notes coming through.