Our Drinks


A measure of madness

  • 40ml METHOD AND MADNESS Single Grain Irish whiskey

  • 20ml Beetroot & Hibiscus Syrup*

  • 20ml Roses Lime Cordial

  • 30ml Sharpened Orange Juice**

  • 15ml Egg White


*Beetroot & Hibiscus Syrup: Add 10g dried hibiscus, 10g dried beetroot powder and 500g water to hob and bring to boil then leave to cool for 5 minutes. Strain into 500g sugar.

**Sharpened Orange juice: Dissolve 5g malic acid in 1000g orange juice.

Add all ingredients to tin and spindle mix with ice. Strain into coupe glass and garnish with Beetroot Powder.

We all love pink drinks. This drink is aimed squarely at the after-work crowd, becoming a smash hit anywhere where it winds its way onto the menu. Subversive by design, the drink is fruit forward and will please any of those who like a fruit-led drink.